• Founded in 2009, Stella Kinetics is a professionally managed, start-up-spirited, niche-market-player catered to the health and beauty industries, but not limited to fast growth portfolio of products pertained to Personal Care Equipment, Wellness Services and Biochemical Constance.
    We are looking for result-oriented, passionate, talented, hard-working, high-achievers individuals to make outstanding contribution and performance.
    Our motto is develop amazing wellness solutions for better living standard, and you are a part of it to make the genuine difference.  


    + We grow 85% each year (2015 - 2017). And we expect 3 digits growth in 5 year duration.

    + We push sales and marketing. So system is ongoing development, you should come and offer improvement each detailed process.

    + If you expect things to be laid out, don’t apply.

    + If you expect to have a mediocre environment, or treat the interview like “just” average company, don’t apply.

    + Nobody is perfect, even the CEO so take it easy. Learn, Dedicate and Forgive.

    + You won’t be rich by working. But you can have a decent income and learning culture. You can be rich by purchasing our stock and be part of the ownership.


    Every business has a story. Our story is rather an unplanned one.
    Back in the date, our root parent company is formal establishment of natural foods processing (Tri Duc Food: triducfood.com.vn), have produced variety of coconut products for many years, we come to realize the very healthy, nutritious and wonder benefits of coconut oil, we started producing them in small scale, fresh batch and selling to the market.

    With no intention to go big, to our surprise, we then received tremendous positive feedback from the public. Over the years, this seemingly accidental project spins to become a distinctive legal entity as we then progress toward natural extracts and beauty products made from earthly sources.

    Stella Kinetics was born in 2009.

    Today, not only we offer coconut oil, we also gear toward a sustainable beauty solution approach, with continuous addition with new ingredients, new products and new group of products so business and consumers can reap benefits (heath and financial).
    That’s been said. We try not to be lousy in words, but we take small actions, positive, to change things around us, and hopefully, radiate the influences to the world.

    The Name Stella Kinetics means “The Movement of Stars” 

    Stella: Constellation

    Kinetics: Movement

    The name is a little abstract. Because we believe at the macrocosmic level is actually reflection of smallest details, microcosmic. The stars or galaxies could be the reflection of the atomic level of a water drop. We believe nature is amazing and full of surprises.

    So, it all boils down to patters learning and imitation.  Stella Kinetics is about to study natural patterns, develop and apply successful rules, principles, guidelines to capitalize on renewable natural resources.