Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Stella Kinetics aims to provide healthy, alternative choices, satisfactory comprehensive Solution for Healthy Foods and Cosmetics Industry.
    Our scope of operation composes of ingredient sourcing, OEM manufacturing, formulation transferring and branded commercialization of high performance, herbal cosmetics and natural products.


    Biotechnology, herbal supplements, aromatherapy, natural actives, extracts, oleochemicals, chemicals, 360 degree beauty solutions, beauty care


    For Stella Kinetics, we take R&D passionately and seriously and believe it is the cornerstone for all growths.

    Technical R&D: In regards to the aspect of products creation: how to make the products technical dimension less simpler, more effective, cost-reduced for you, our businesses partners and healthier for consumers.

    For example: we innovate an icecream alternative made from rice powder, the result is a delicious non-fat icecream you all enjoy!

    Management R&D: In regards to the aspect of Operation, it answers how to make the workplace an innovation-drive, fun, more productive, competitive, transparency and long-term home. Not easy, but we strive each day to make it happen.



    + Develop Stella Kinetics to dominate local boutique & medium size clients in the areas of cosmetics & aromatherapy ingredients distribution and OEM service.

    + Keep informed with the latest developments of Cosmetics & Herbal Products through trade networks, attending exhibitions worldwide

    + ALWAYS Service clients the best possible products, good pricing, fast turnaround time and long-term commitment

    Collaborate with food, nutraceutical, and herbal scientists for most potent, exotic and scared herbal ingredients from Latin America, China, South East Asia, India.

    Strategize and implement products creation till final packaging

    + Marketing planning & Strategy advising

    + Speedy execution



    10 Unique Stella Kinetics Core Powers

    - Proprietary 23-detailed-products development process

    - Safe, Effective Natural Formulation (R&D)

    - Speed to Market

    - High accuracy products launching and commercialization (90% success rate)

    - Data and consumers driven products lines and essential demands

    - Leverage the power of social listening, mining tools and marketing know-how that outperform competitors

    - Leverage Economy of scale and source directly for competitive costing

    - Diversified and well-positioned products portfolio