• Stella phytogroup actively operates in the health and beauty welness FMCG industry.

    Please skip this entire reading if you don’t accept 5 facts:

    1. You absolutely will have to be passionate of what you do. A sign is : regardless of having a company or not, you should spend countless hours to research about your profession.

    2. You will have to work harder & smarter

    3. You have to conduct research + testing (a big part of success & growth is research)

    4. You are a generally realistic, positive, dynamic, willing to learn individual

    5. Be detailed. Willing to provide facts & figures in your control domain

    Stella kinetics is found on the premise that abstract patterns findings can lead to structural organized, repeated patterns that yield individual and commercial success.
    What does that mean is  we strongly believe in natural, renewable resources around us can help us to live sustainably and we design business sub-organizations, business units to support the commercialization and enrich all things around us: employees, stakeholders, shareholders, communities and the organization as the end goal.

    Therefore, we look for strong like-minded individuals to work toward that goal. You come and work in a dynamic environment, with new thinking, new meanings and together we enrich each other lives. Small and little but with gradual momentum and progression.

    At Stella Kinetics, we don’t see you as a merely employee, we see you as partner / an associate.

    We see you as a catalyst for a positive growth, positive change, to our welness vision, to make a difference to your own personal, professional life and the wolrd around!

    Join our dynamic team and make a difference! The quantum leap difference!

    Please prepare:

    Before applied, we suggest you:

    - Read our mission / vision / products categories / our brands

    - Understand what we do, why we do it, and what we sell

    - The cover letter stating why you want to work for us and how your skill will contribute values to the organization

    - Dress approriately for the interview

    So why join us?

    Join our performance-oriented culture company, make a difference of yourself professionally and contribute positive meaning to mankind’ wellness.

    Employee expectation:

    1. Strong technical contribution: your skill and profession of what you do

    2. You know exactly what you are doing (tasks / day to day / long term / specific metrics related your work)

    3. You want to improve your profession, day by day

    4. You know where you are in the orgnization and how your works contribute to the bigger picture

    5. You look for a meaningful place to work, not just money.

    6. You can lead yourself, independent and teamwork collaboration

    What does it mean to work here

    + CEO is not KING, Customers are KINGS

    + Challenge higher authority, but with strong logic, reasons

    + Expect higher performance, higher standard and criteria than your past workplaces

    + Expect working late night, early morning until you finish your job

    + Open-minded, Creative Fostering Environment, Flat Organization, Dynamic, Young, Energetic Team Spirit 

    + High growth, high-value offering organization

    + Reasons + Logics + Manage Emotions

    + Resulted-Oriented + Process is as Important

    + Expect higher than industry average salary

    + Longer travel + Compensation + Bonus + Stock (Ownership Options)

    + Expect increasing workloads. Both Load and Difficulties.