+ Integrity & Trust: Trust is an essential building block between SK and clients that we emphasize the most, more than financial values.

    + Honesty: Being honest, straightforward and sincere in all aspects

    + Responsive: Keeping frequent communication, inform issues & circumstances the moments they rise so we can have the most effective, on-time solution

    + Professional: Polite, Courtesy yet maintain a sense of humour

    + Efficiency & Effective: Always maintain core value, what works the best and keep cost at minimum

    + Passion: Passion is the fuel so we can work tirelessly for clients.

    + Sustainability: Recycle, Reuse, Resell and Reward


    With a long-term vision from the getgo, we are:

    + Research-driven: Expertise Know-how is essential when it comes to products safety, efficacy and quality.

    + Tailor Servicing: Taking every customer to the next level of satisfaction by understanding the need & wants of clients’ end goal.

    + Affordable Pricing: we quote based on a standardized approach, lowest minimum order in the industry so everyone can have an equal opportunity to enter the market with your own mode.

    + Fast throughput time: From the 1st inquiry to delivery, the process is simple, detailed, straightforward and efficient. 


    Bussiness philosophy 

    Our philosophy [strategy itself] is based on the principle of no-harm and valued-offering approach, that whenever we create goods / services or enter new segments, new business units, or new fields,  will only synergize and complement with each other, bringing incremental benefits and wellness to all stakeholders: society, peoples, employees, customers, clients, both for-profit aspect and non-financial aspects

    + Compete ethically based on skills, technology utilization, effective use of given resources and timing

    + Focus on creating the improved services / products for maximum customers satisfaction

    + Create the ecosystem of groups of products that take care customers: genuine products quality , save time, more convenient, cost-saving

    Our Formulation Philosophy and Guidance:

    + Keep it simple, pure, raw, simplified and effective as possible

    + When technicality allows, use all natural ingredients, 100% pure, unadulterated.

    + With products required preservation to extend self-life, We use only safe synthetics or natural-derived extracts

    + Use all recyclable and biodegradable ingredients

    + Stay away from Paraben and nontoxic chemicals

    + Recycle, reuse all materials when possible

    + Minimize operational, waste products impact to the environment

    + Never test products on animals during all phases

    + Research and gear toward bioactive ingredients, high performance actives with natural, safe properties. 

    Our Operation Philosophy: Effectiveness and Efficiency

    Cost-effective: Start small with full focus. No need to have a lousy organizational chart if the end goal isn’t met.

    - System-thinkers at the core

    - Outsourcing for global talents if needed

    - Maximize each and everyone’s potential

    - Have an analytical approach toward everything

    - Challenge and set new boundaries

    - Have confidence in oneself but doubt everything institutionalized

    - Work must be fun, inspiring, challenging. Stress is necessary

    - People are the most important assets, profit follows

    - Measure and Track everything. Set KPI for any aspect of operation

    - Self-discipline, passion traits are two motivators for an effective operation 

    Innovation Philosophy

    With Stella Kinetics, we take R&D passionately and seriously and believe it is the cornerstone for all growths.

    1. Technical R&D: In regards to the aspect of products creation: how to make the products technical dimension less simpler, more effective, cost-reduced for you, our businesses partners and healthier for consumers.

    2. Management R&D: In regards to the aspect of Operation, it answers how to make the workplace an innovation-drive, fun, more productive, competitive, transparency and long-term home. Not easy, but we strive each day to make it happen.